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Antiviral blind

Textured fabric with a premium feel but with additional blackout dimension.

Antiviral fabric

A fabric that keeps you safer. Our antiviral blinds range is proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19).


Viruses can stay on blinds and other materials for days. Kaydee Antiviral Blinds Fabric comes with a special coating that eliminates 95% viruses after 15 minutes and 99% after 60 minutes of contact.

Antiviral blind are perfect for use in hospital, schools and high traffic areas.

antiviral blinds.png



Light Grey




Blind type: Roller / Vertical
Function: Screen
Openness: 3%

Cleaning: Wipe Clean
Width: 1770mm
Antibacterial: ASTM E2180
Antiviral: Adapted ISO 21702

Fire retardancy: BS 7837 . BS 5867
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