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Blinds and curtains for Student accommodation and luxury living.

Blinds for apartments & student accommodation

Roller and vertical blinds have long been the window covering of choice for accommodation. The blind is quick to install and the mechanism is simple and is easy to maintain and if necessary to replace.

All the fabrics offered in the Kaydee range are FR rated easy to clean and come in a variety of colours which complement any chosen decor. 

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Curtains have a greater aesthetic appeal and maintain a more domestic feel to a living space. With a huge variety of FR rated, contract fabrics in our range, Kaydee can offer a choice from the simplest plain fabric in a wide range of colours, through to an extensive range of patterned fabrics to give a more sophisticated feel to a living area.

Supplied and installed complete with tracks curtains are the way to give a ‘home from home’ feel to the accommodation.

Recommended Products



Artisan & Diffusor are popular fabric choices for apartments such as student accommodations and luxury living. Quality texture in a range of colours.



SHADA 300 and 100 blinds are the go to choice. The 300 is a brilliant choice for luxury living. While the manual 100 is perfect for student accommodations

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Drop us a message to learn more about any of our products, services or general advice on light shading solutions. 

Kaydee Blinds have over 35 years experience providing high quality light control solutions for commercial projects.

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