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Blackout Blinds

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What are commercial blackout blinds?

The function of Blackout blinds is to exclude light from a room or area where a reduced lighting level is required often for the purposes of presentations or the use of projection equipment. There are very few combinations of mechanism and fabric that can guarantee 100% light exclusion but the broad category is referred to as Blackout blinds. They are typically a roller blind made from an opaque fabric that is housed inside a cassette. The blind fabric will usually be inserted into side channels which are then attached directly to the window reveal. This helps to ensure that light can't penetrate around the edges.

Blackout blinds have a number of uses in both commercial and residential settings and they are the obvious choice in any situation that requires the maximum exclusion of natural or streetlight.


Types of Blackout Blinds:


Schools, colleges and education centres

Commercial blackout blinds are frequently installed in schools and other education centres. Blackout roller blinds are often used in conjunction with interactive whiteboards where a good degree of light exclusion is required to ensure that the material being displayed can be seen. With education budgets permanently tight, any blinds need to be hard wearing and built to last. Safety is also very important so blinds should be flame retardant and be operated either by crank or electric motor.


Rooms in which office presentations take place are often fitted with blackout blinds. These may include rooflight blackout blinds to cover skylights. Similar to an education setting, it's important that display technology can be properly seen. As a result, blackout blinds are often installed in boardrooms. With so many modern offices being built with large window spaces, providing a blackout solution can be challenging but with over 30 years of experience and a wide range of products at their disposal Kaydee will find a solution to meet your needs.

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Kaydee blinds have a solution for every project and budget. Choose from a range of manual, electric, blackout and roof-light / skylight mechanisms.

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