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Blackout Roller Blinds

Kaydee Blinds is a leading supplier of curtains, blinds, and innovative shading solutions

What are commercial blackout roller blinds?

Commercial blackout blinds provide the optimal solution when it comes to blocking out light in offices, educational establishments and other workplaces. As the name suggests, the fabric blocks almost all the light from passing through. Typically, blackout blinds are a roller blind made from opaque fabric that's housed in a cassette. The blind is attached to side channels that are then attached directly to the window reveal. This ensures that light can’t penetrate around the edge of the blinds. Despite the very high levels of light exclusion, no fabric can absolutely guarantee that 100% of the light will be kept out, so these shade blinds are usually known as 'dim-out' blinds.


Who might want blackout roller window shades?

Commercial blackout blinds are frequently fitted in schools and other educational settings. These are environments where interactive whiteboards and other display technology is used to help the teaching process and light needs to be excluded.

They are also used in offices where presentations are regularly made. They make the ideal solution for meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms where skylight blackout blinds alongside winding blinds can provide the light exclusion that you need. Modern offices are frequently built with large windows making vertical blackout blinds a smart option.

Car, kitchen and other showrooms are also frequently fitted with blackout blinds, as they help provide the ideal ambient light to display products. Blackout blinds are also frequently installed in contemporary student accommodation, which has been a real growth area across our larger towns and cities. As these buildings are often in busy city centre locations, roll-up blackout shades are often fitted.

Blackout blinds are hard wearing, functional, shut out large levels of light and can also aid soundproofing. Thermal blackout blinds help to retain heat, reducing heating costs. Blackout roller window shades are a sensible choice in health and social care settings, where light sometimes needs to be excluded to help patients heal and recuperate. Blackout blinds create a calm, cool environment that is ideally suited to the situation.


The advantages of commercial blackout blinds

Made-to-measure blackout blinds create a clean, streamlined look at your window, resulting in a clear uncluttered look that doesn't dominate the room. Because of their high-levels of light exclusion, commercial blackout blinds are a practical choice for a range of different sectors. They keep out light, can help keep heat in and create the right environment, whether the room is being used for presentations or sleep.


Kaydee Blinds are an experienced choice for your commercial blackout blinds

Kaydee Blinds have been fitting made-to-measure commercial blackout roller blinds for a wide variety of projects since 1985. With an extensive range of products and fabrics to choose from, we can create a bespoke solution whatever the setting and sector. Taking a project management approach to installation, fitting is by our own experienced team or by skilled, Kaydee trained operatives.

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