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Blinds for Large Windows

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All kinds of buildings make use of large windows. They’re particularly common in commercial settings, where an emphasis has been placed on maximising the light coming into the building. This might be for any number of reasons. In an office, it can create a light, airy atmosphere. In a school and other educational facilities it might be to foster a bright work environment that’s conducive to study. In healthcare facilities, light is often key to promoting a healthier space and can help people with their recovery. In showrooms, such as those used for cars, light is used to showcase the products and large expanses of glazing are the best way to achieve this.

Large windows present challenges


While large windows might have some advantages, they can also create problems. The sheer amount of glass can make it difficult to regulate the temperature in a building. During the summer months, the temperature can become uncomfortably hot needing air conditioning to make it possible for anyone to work. In the winter, the large expanse of glass makes it easier for heat to escape. As well as temperature regulation, large windows can compromise the privacy of people working inside. Aesthetically, larger windows can be something of a distraction, making a room feel unbalanced and the people inside it exposed.

Blinds for large windows

One way to address some of the challenges of large windows is through blinds. These allow for the better regulation of the amount of light in the room, create privacy and soften the sometimes harsh appearance of larger windows.

There’s a wide variety of different blinds available for larger windows. Made to measure commercial blinds are often the best solution, as these are created especially for your particular set of windows.


There are a range of different window treatments suitable for large windows and some will be better for different contexts. Thermal blackout blinds will help with heat retention and help to create the right environment for using various audio-visual technologies. Shade blinds can help reduce the amount of light that enters the building on a sunny day. Vertical blackout blinds and blackout roller blinds are a popular option. High-tech fabrics are tailored to ensure the maximum amount of light and heat regulation without compromising on the overall aesthetics.

Kaydee Blinds can help you find the perfect solution for your large windows

At Kaydee Blinds we have many years’ experience creating bespoke, made to measure commercial blinds for larger windows. We’ve worked in all kinds of settings, from offices to schools and showrooms to create tailored contemporary solutions. Using a tried and tested project management system, all of our windows are fitted either by our industry leading in-house team, or by installers who were trained using our methods. We leave nothing to chance and ensure that everything is carried out in a timely and professional manner.

If you’re currently considering blinds for larger windows in your commercial building, then why not contact us to find out how we can help?

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