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Ceiling Blinds

Kaydee Blinds is a leading supplier of curtains, blinds, and innovative shading solutions

If you own commercial properties, showrooms, luxury living accommodation or even student accommodation, standard roller blinds may cater to your needs. However, in some instances, ceiling blinds are necessary. Unlike standard roller blinds, ceiling blinds require a professional installation.  The shape and size of ceiling blinds often also needs to be customised.


Should you require ceiling blinds, at Kaydee Blinds, we can provide you with an appropriate solution.  


Why Are Customised Ceiling Blind Solutions Necessary?


Ceiling blinds, or roof blinds as they are otherwise known, are blinds that are made to fit skylight and ceiling windows. Although many assume that standard blinds can be fitted to skylight and ceiling windows, this is not true. Although many blind solutions can be purchased and fitted with ease, customised solutions are commonly required when it comes to ceiling blinds. This is because the shape, size and angle of a skylight or ceiling window will dictate the size and style of blind that is ultimately deemed appropriate.


In addition to the above, when fitting ceiling blinds, the mechanism employed also needs to be customised. Unlike roller blinds that can be manually operated, ceiling blinds require remote operation due to their placement.


Our Range Of Ceiling Blinds


At Kaydee Blinds, we have installed ceiling blinds in a wealth of different properties. For example, our ceiling blinds can be found in commercial properties, hospitals, luxury apartments and other residential properties. Made to measure, our range of ceiling blinds boast light excluding and blackout properties. To offer greater insight into our range of ceiling blinds and your options when purchasing ceiling blinds from us, we have outlined some of our most popular mechanisms and fabrics below.

Shada 900 & 900G Full Tension Roller Blinds 

Suitable for sloping planes and ceilings, our range of Shada 900 and 900G Full Tension Roller Blinds feature remote operations, quality fabrics and light exclusion. Although the mechanisms employed will be of utmost importance to you, our Shada 900 and 900G Full Tension Roller Blinds can be colour coordinated to match the interior of your property.

Shada 900 LE Full Tension Roller Blinds

Similarly to our Shada 900 and 900G Full Tension Roller Blinds, our 900 LE Full Tension Roller Blinds boast a remote operation and can be installed on vertical and horizontal planes. Furthermore, our 900G Full Tension Roller Blinds are engineered to cope in environments where high usage may be necessary. These particular blinds can also be made to fit windows as wide as 4,000mm.

We Remain The Number One Choice For Ceiling Blinds

Irrespective of whether you are looking to install a small sloping ceiling blind or require a larger ceiling blind, here at Kaydee Blinds, we are confident that we can provide you with a bespoke solution. Combining competitive prices with our made-to-measure service, we remain the number one choice for ceiling blinds.

If you are ready to install ceiling blinds throughout your commercial property, why not call us today to discuss your requirements with us? In doing so, we can arrange a site visit to determine how we can best assist you.

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Kaydee Blinds have a wide range of screen, dim-out and blackout fabrics, with unique colours and textures view our full range of fabrics.



Kaydee blinds have a solution for every project and budget. Choose from a range of manual, electric, blackout and roof-light / skylight mechanisms.

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