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Blinds for commercial applications such as offices, call centres and retail.

Blinds for commercial projects

Kaydee have experience across the full spectrum of commercial applications: Offices, Call Centers, Hotel and Leisure Facilities, Individual Retail Units, and Larger Shopping Centers.

In each case our range of fabrics, blinds, and curtains; allow us to create a tailored solution which provides the end user with an optimum working environment for their business. 


Why choose commercial blinds from Kaydee?

We have an optimum solution for any commercial setting or project. We understand the needs and requirements of developers, architects and end users in commercial projects. Durable yet stylish blind mechanisms coupled with blackout, screen or green environmental fabrics to provide effective light control for your commercial project.

Blinds are more than just light control - our anti-microbial fabrics create safer hospital and healthcare spaces and effective heat control and thermal management fabrics help create a greener more efficient offices, leisure centres and hotels.

Kaydee have over 35 years experience, providing light control solutions, curtains and blinds designed specifically for the commercial market. Have a look at our case studies and previous projects here.

View our product recommendations, the best blind fabric and blind mechanism for commercial buildings

Recommended Products



Diffusor 3% is a popular fabric choice for commercial buildings such as offices. Coupled with the Artisan Blackout for meeting rooms. 



SHADA 300 and 500 blinds are the go to choice for offices and commercial projects. Often used together between different areas.

Get in touch

Drop us a message to learn more about any of our products, services or general advice on light shading solutions. 

Kaydee Blinds have over 35 years experience providing high quality light control solutions for commercial projects.

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