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Commercial Blinds

Kaydee Blinds is a leading supplier of curtains, blinds, and innovative shading solutions

Commercial blinds and their uses

There are multiple types of commercial blind reflecting the wide variety of situations in which they are used. Compared to domestic blinds, commercial window blinds have to meet widely differing requirements. Commercial blinds provide an optimal solution when it comes to managing light and heat levels in workplaces, contemporary student accommodation, hospitals and education. With new fabrics and technologies continuously coming online, commercial blinds are becoming ever more specialised.

Office blinds

Modern office design tends to incorporate large window space to give the working environment a bright, open aspect. Vertical blinds are frequently the solution of choice in these kinds of buildings. They are often the practical option when it comes to blinds for large windows. Shade blinds provide a great choice within office environments. Find out more about office blinds here.

Boardrooms and other rooms that host presentations particularly involving interactive whiteboards may require blackout blinds. Venetian blinds are another favourite for use in offices. Sometimes skylight blinds are needed to help with light control, particularly in the height of summer. Having roller blinds can help with ease of use with blinds in any setting. Office door window blinds create privacy. Screen blinds help to reduce glare and infrared heat gain while maintaining a view to the outside. Another choice is made to measure blinds, as having the right sized blinds means they can suit any office environment. Electric blinds are a perfect choice for office and other commercial based locations, as they look and feel professional. Looking for blinds to help reduce noise? Our noise reducing blinds can help you keep peace in any environment! Finding good security blinds for added security are also a great choice for many work environments.

It is important to purchase child-safe blinds, as getting high quality blinds that are child-safe can make any environment risk-free.


Ceiling blinds

We offer a range of shading solutions for ceilings and skylights. Our solutions for ceiling blinds are suited and made to fit your needs.

Car showrooms have particular requirements

Car showrooms are designed to show off their high value products in the very best light. Usually with high glass ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows, where regulating light and heat levels is crucial. A car showroom that is in effect a greenhouse would be deeply uncomfortable for customers. With so much window to cover, motorised and automatic blinds are often a practical choice. Smart blinds might make sense, opening and closing with sunrise and sunset. Ceiling blinds are generally a must.

Child safety blinds for use in education

Schools require a range of different blinds that meet the variety of demands in the educational environment while helping to regulate heat and light levels. Safety is a must and blinds used in schools and colleges must be fire retardant and avoid any looped chains which could present a safety risk. Crank operated roller blinds and wand operated vertical blinds with sewn in weights are both good choices for safety reasons. Noise reduction blinds can help create an atmosphere more conducive to learning if a school or college is situated near a busy road.

Hospitals and social care settings

Made to measure blinds for hospitals and social care settings have a number of specific requirements. Roller blinds, shades and Venetian blinds used in this environment must take into account specific challenges such as the fight against infections like MRSA. Fabrics chosen should have anti-bacterial qualities as well and anti-ligature mechanisms for high risk areas are available.

Experience and expertise make Kaydee Blinds the first choice for commercial blinds

Since we began trading in1985, Kaydee Blinds has provided commercial blinds for a huge variety of commercial situations. We are experts in creating custom blind solutions for the health sector, offices, education, student accommodation, car showrooms and luxury living developments. Using proven project management systems, installation is by one of our own highly experienced teams or by Kaydee Blinds trained operatives.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial blind requirements. We would be happy to help.

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Kaydee blinds have a solution for every project and budget. Choose from a range of manual, electric, blackout and roof-light / skylight mechanisms.

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