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Blinds and other light control solutions suitable for universities, schools and colleges.

Blinds for schools and universities

The modern-day education institutes have varied and specific light control demands. Kaydee Blinds have a long track-record supplying and installing blinds in schools, universities and colleges across the UK.

The prevalence of glass in education facility design combined with the extensive use of IT and a focus on more energy efficient buildings increases the need for effective light and heat management.

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Blinds in schools: what to consider?

Protecting against solar glare is essential to create a comfortable working and learning space - requirements for blinds in schools and universities go beyond this. Light exclusion or 'blackout' will probably be required in science labs and multimedia rooms. An increase in digitally delivered content may increase the use of blackout blinds in universities and schools.

Managing and minimising heat / solar gain is essential for an efficient building. Safety is also an important consideration when choosing the type of blind to install in schools - remote electric operation over chain? Durability is also an important factor in an educational setting as the blinds are likely to be operated regularly.

Recommended Products



Artisan or Sombra Eco are popular fabrics for universities and schools. Providing durability, quality and good colour options to reflect brand. 



SHADA 100 and 300 blinds are a good choice for schools and universities. Often used together in different areas of the building.

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Drop us a message to learn more about any of our products, services or general advice on light shading solutions. 

Kaydee Blinds have over 35 years experience providing high quality light control solutions for commercial projects.

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