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Hotel Room


Commercial Blinds and curtains for hotels and apart-hotels.

Blinds for hotels and apart-hotels

Kaydee have experience across the full spectrum of commercial applications – new hotels, apart-hotels and leisure facilities are currently being developing and upgraded all across the UK.


Kaydee Blinds have the perfect solutions with Blinds and Curtains to help control temperature, light, adding an element of privacy and lifting the room with colours, textures and designs.

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Kaydee Blinds has carried out many installations and is rapidly developing a reputation as the ideal partner to provide innovative solutions which are combined with cutting edge design and products. Kaydee has many years’ experience in contracting and installations and is used to working to tight deadlines whilst maintaining quality of installation.

Recommended Products

artisan blackout.jpg


Artisan Blackout is a popular fabric choice for hotels and similar projects. A premium textured feel with a wide range of soft colours and blackout properties. 



SHADA 500 blinds are the go to choice for hotels. Our premium range comes with a long warranty. With a combination of durability and style.

Get in touch

Drop us a message to learn more about any of our products, services or general advice on light shading solutions. 

Kaydee Blinds have over 35 years experience providing high quality light control solutions for commercial projects.

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