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Noise Reducing Blinds

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Noise Reducing Blinds


If your commercial premises, office, showroom or school is situated on a busy road or near to a noisy manufacturing plant or goods yard, then you’ll know just how distracting noise pollution can be. Noisy environments can be difficult to work in, reducing productivity and your overall well-being.


It’s not just the noise that enters the building from outside that can be the issue. Noise that’s generated entirely within the building can also impinge on the overall working environment. Made to measure noise reducing blinds are one means by which the impact of noise can be reduced.


What are noise reducing blinds?


If your building is located in a high noise environment there are window coverings available that actually help to reduce the impact of noise. While they won’t completely soundproof your premises or part of the building, they can have a significant effect on noise levels.


Superior window blinds made with acoustically effective fabric can reduce the reverberations associated with glass window surfaces. This can create a much quieter atmosphere in which to work or learn. Whether you opt for shade blinds, thermal blackout blinds or thermal vertical blinds, they can all help to reduce the noise in your building.

How can noise reducing blinds be used?

As well as providing a vital line of defence against external noise, noise reducing blinds can also be incorporated into your overall office design. Noisy office buildings can be difficult to work in, so separate areas can be created where noise is reduced. Using noise reducing blinds to keep noise out of a room within your office can be extremely helpful, allowing members of staff to concentrate. This ability to create quieter parts of the building can be invaluable when it comes to productivity levels.

As well as reducing noise, blinds can create a greater sense of privacy within a building. They can create discrete spaces for both clients and other employees, as well as reducing glare from the sun. If you’re using a room for audio visual presentations then noise and light reduction should be a priority and blackout roller blinds might be a suitable choice.

What are the best noise reducing blinds for my building?

There are a number of different styles and approaches that can be taken when it comes to reducing noise through blinds at your office, showroom or educational establishment. A professional blind company that specialises in commercial buildings will be able to talk you through your options and offer advice.

Kaydee Blinds is your first choice for noise reducing blinds

Kaydee Blinds is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of blinds for offices, showrooms, schools and other commercial premises. Our bespoke solutions can help reduce the noise impact both internally and externally. We create bespoke solutions that entirely meet your particular requirements. With a range of state of the art fabrics and SHADA mechanisms available, we can help you create an environment where noise is vastly reduced for staff, customers or students alike. We pay close attention to detail and have a wealth of experience. We also work with some of the UK’s best trained installation teams. Taking care of everything from initial enquiry through to signing off the installed blind, Kaydee Blinds can project manage the entire process.

Our range is extensive, and as our blinds are entirely bespoke and made to measure, if noise reduction is a concern this can be factored into how we approach your solution.

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