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9 Elms Sainsbury's: Skylights in Superstores

Updated: Feb 17, 2022



Time Frame

33 Blinds and 14 Skylights


3 Weeks

The Project

Kaydee Blinds received an invitation to quote for a light shading solution for a new Sainsbury's re-development in 9 Elms. The principal contractor, Base Builds Services, contacted Kaydee based on a recommendation from a previous Kaydee client. The project was part of a wider £450 million redevelopment scheme being undertaken in the Fulham Wharf Area.

The Process

The Client was working to a tight schedule, which resulted in the Kaydee Team being unable to perform an in person site survey. This meant that the Estimating Team had to rely on the Architect's drawings, to determine the best light/temperature control system for the project. Based on these drawings, the team quoted for 33 SHADA 500s to cover the front and side of the Mezzanine level. With an additional 14 Kaydee Skylight blinds to cover the roof lights. Since this install Kaydee have introduced a new range of Skylights, the SHADA 900, which now offers light exclusion and remote operation. All the blinds are controlled using an electrical hardwired system allowing for easy control from the ground floor. The client approved the order, and the Kaydee Project Management team set about working to get the blinds on site and fitted.

The major hurdle to overcome for this project, was providing safe access to the roof lights and upper windows to install the blinds. The Kaydee Fitters faced the challenge of working around an escalator situated directly below the Skylights. The proposed solution came in the form of a bird cage scaffolding system, provided by the Principle Contractor. This allowed the fitters access to the eaves so they could safely get on with installing the blinds 50ft above the entrance.

The Result

The Project was delivered successfully and on schedule. The clients at Base Build Services and Barrett London were pleased with the results. Since this project, Kaydee and Base Build Services have worked on a number of large scale projects and continue to do so. To this day, the skylights have remained unchanged since the original install, in 2016, and a recent visit by one of the Kaydee team captured these photos of the blinds still in use.

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