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Preserving History: Covering up The Old Gaol

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

“Working with Kaydee on this project meant the on-time installation of a discrete, remote powered blind which everyone was delighted with”

Warren Whyte

Whyte Consult

The Project

Located at the heart of the historic market town of Buckingham, the iconic Old Gaol was built in 1748 in the style of a castle. The building consists of multiple rooms, housing both temporary and permanent exhibitions. in a room with an entirely glass roof, are to be found the ancient stocks.

The challenge facing Kaydee was to supply and fit blinds, to reduce glare and heat

build-up in the room, but they also needed to be minimalist in appearance and unobtrusive, so as not to detract from the visitor experience.

Practical difficulties also existed as the blinds had to be fitted discreetly into the existing fabric of the building, and all wiring concealed. All the work was carried out over two levels, and needed to occur during normal opening hours. This added a further challenge to the project's execution.

The Process

The Kaydee team visited the site and evaluated issues and needs of the room in order to meet the clients requirements. Upon review, the Kaydee team determined that a Kaydee SHADA 900 LE electric roller blind matched with a 3% openness factor fabric would suit the room's needs. The system was controlled using a built in RTS control which allowed for remote operation by the user.

The Kaydee team were able to install the system within the allotted time frame and the job was completed cleanly and correctly without any snags.

The Result

The minimalist design of the system and fabric complement the rooms design and so ensured visitors could enjoy the exhibit with no distraction. The client was pleased with the work carried out by Kaydee Blinds and praised the discrete design of the blinds.

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