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Rapid Response Curtains – 7 working days from call to install to help with Covid.

In response to the anticipated spike in demand for hospital beds for Covid 19 patients Northamptonshire County Council are bringing additional care capacity back in to service.

The 46 bed Ecton Brook former Care home is being brought back into service by means of a rapid renovation programme lasting just two weeks. KAYDEE BLINDS were asked to provide curtains and blinds for the project against a very tight deadline. At Kaydee Blinds we work hard to deliver on time using effective processes in production and installation. We prioritised the project and delivered 'from call to install' in just 7 working days!

Incredible turnaround. Kaydee have special fabric for curtains and blinds in healthcare environments that help maintain hygiene and cleanliness required.

#covidresponse #installation #healthcare

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