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Security Blinds

Kaydee Blinds is a leading supplier of curtains, blinds, and innovative shading solutions

As well as looking attractive, blinds and window dressings help to regulate the temperature and sunlight into a building making the space inside more comfortable. Commercial blinds can also play a part in strengthening the overall security of a building.


What are security blinds?

There are a number of different types of blinds that are referred to as security blinds. They can be heavy-duty external blinds, usually made out of metal which are used in buildings with very high security requirements such as banks or government buildings. These can prevent access by a vehicle driven at speed against a window or even a bomb blast.

Security shutters can be installed on either the interior or the exterior of your building. They provide a high-level of protection against intruders but are not suitable for every building and may be unnecessary.

Made to measure commercial blinds provide extra security

Any blind can provide a degree of safeguarding and made to measure commercial blinds in particular increase security.  Whether they’re thermal blackout blinds, shade blinds, blackout roller blinds or vertical blackout blinds, they can all provide a degree of extra security.

Windows are the first port of call for many opportunistic burglars. If your office, showroom or educational institution has large windows through which burglars can peer, you are essentially inviting them to take a chance and attempt to gain access. Blinds block the view, preventing intruders from seeing what’s readily at hand inside and they also keep your floor plan hidden. A burglar is unlikely to risk being caught entering your building unless they’re fairly confident there is something inside worth entering for.

Blinds can play a valuable role as a component in the overall security infrastructure at your building, creating another impediment to access.

Blinds present a physical barrier


Physically, blinds are difficult to get past. They are an extra encumbrance to attempt to negotiate. Most criminals are opportunists and tend to avoid scenarios where they could be delayed by the logistics of the building. Blinds can make access in and out of your building much more difficult for a potential intruder. This can be enough to deter all but the most determined criminal, making your building much less likely to receive unwanted attention.

Kaydee Blinds is your first choice for blinds to enhance the security of your building

Kaydee Blinds is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of blinds for offices, showrooms, schools and other commercial premises. We create bespoke solutions that entirely meet your specific requirements. With a range of state of the art fabrics and SHADA mechanisms available, we can help you create the perfect environment for staff, customers or students alike. With close attention to detail, a wealth of experience and some of the UK’s best trained installation teams on hand, Kaydee Blinds can project manage the entire process.

Our range is extensive, and as our blinds are entirely bespoke and made to measure, if security is a concern this can be factored into how we approach your solution.

Contact us today for more information, advice or to receive a quote.

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