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Vertical blinds range for commercial projects - flexible light control.

Flexible shading

The SHADA V is a modern interpretation of the traditional vertical blinds. It combines clean and flexible form with easy and simple operation. With no chains or cords it is safe for all users and applications.

Perfect for use in schoolscare homesstudent accommodation and offices.

Shada V Vertical Blinds.jpg

3 year


Max width


Max Drop


Blind louvre width


Wand operated with no chains / cords

Dim out or 

blackout application

Face fix and top fix install options

180 Degree vertical light control

Why choose vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are usually best suited for use where lighting flexibility is key, such as, primary schools, offices, and commercial or retail spaces. The inherent design of the SHADA V allows for 180° vertical light control. Users can dictate how the light enters the room and even allows for complete light exclusion.

In addition to light control, the SHADA V offers improved privacy, compared to standard roller blinds, as they allow users to limit the vision through the blind slits while still allowing light to enter. Self weighted and fully welded louvres facilitate passive ventilation and easy cleaning.

The SHADA V is operated by a natural anodised aluminium wand and white powder coated channel. The framing is discreet and provides a clean finish to the overall system.

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