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Shade Blinds

Kaydee Blinds is a leading supplier of curtains, blinds, and innovative shading solutions

What are shade blinds?

Shade blinds are soft window materials on a continuous roll that can cover a large amount of window opening. They should fit the window perfectly and retract completely at the top if required, without catching. They're usually drawn up and down by a cord and spring device, making them easy to use.

They're often the optimum choice for commercial buildings and offices as they are hard-wearing, functional and look good. 


How do shades differ from other types of blind?

Many people use the terms blinds and shades interchangeably but there are key differences between them. Blinds differ from shades in being a 'hard' type of window treatment. They're usually made of vinyl, metal or wood. Shades on the other hand are usually made with large pieces of a softer fabric material.

Why you might choose shades rather than other types of blind 

 There are some clear advantages to choosing shades over other types of blind for your business or other commercial setting. They have a simple design, streamlining the look of any window treatment. They look clean and uncluttered and are generally unobtrusive.


Shades help you manage the amount of sunlight entering a space with ease. Too much and you lower the shade until you have enough exclusion, too little you do the opposite.  Combining function with style, they tend to be unfussy and help you create the right levels of light and temperature in your building. Getting the right made to measure shade blinds can help suit your exact measurements.


Roller shades often come with motorised options that removes the need for manual adjustment. Shades are by and large easier to maintain and clean than slatted blinds because there are no individual slats to keep free of dust and grime. This is particularly relevant in a commercial setting and can help reduce ongoing cleaning and maintenance bills.

Shades are an optimum choice for commercial buildings

Shades are often the most practical choice for business and commercial buildings. They can cover large window areas easily. Their simplicity, versatility and ease of use makes commercial window shades the perfect solution for a wide variety of businesses, educational buildings and other public settings.  


Skylight shades 

Roller shades designed and manufactured for skylights are an ideal solution in commercial settings where they are frequently used to help control temperature and light levels. They are the most practical choice for skylights due to their ease of use and maintenance. 

Shades have a number of benefits 

Shades immediately add style to your office, showroom or other commercial setting. They help create privacy and lower energy bills by reducing heat loss. They make it easy to adjust the amount of light into a room. In a workplace setting this is invaluable in creating the right environment for a productive workforce.


Kaydee Blinds are trusted specialists in all kind of commercial window coverings 

 With wide experience across the full range of commercial applications, Kaydee Blinds can help you find the right window treatment for your business. With a tailored approach we'll help you achieve the optimum workplace environment.  


Get in touch with Kaydee Blinds today to learn more about our services and to book an appointment. 

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