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Skylight Blackout Blinds

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Many commercial settings make use of skylights. They can be a great way to introduce light into a space, helping to reduce heating and electricity bills in the process. As well as extra light, they can help with ventilation and potentially create an emergency exit.

Being located on the roof however, unwanted light and heat can enter through them during the summer months and can lead to potential heat loss during the autumn and winter seasons. To combat this, commercial skylight blackout blinds can help regulate the light that comes in through a skylight and helps heat loss during the colder months.


What exactly are commercial skylight blackout blinds?

Blackout blinds for skylight windows are the optimal solution for what can be a problematic type of window to dress. Made-to-measure blackout roller blinds for a skylight allow you to determine the light levels in the room and can provide extra insulation at a window where a disproportionate amount of heat is lost. Unlike other types of skylight blind, blackout blinds are made from a fabric that cuts out almost 100% of the invasive light.


Commercial skylight blackout blinds have a range of applications

You will find skylight blackout blinds in a wide range of commercial settings. In fact, any commercial or public building that has skylights could make use of them. The most frequent installation is in offices where they can be used to completely exclude light. This might be in a room where whiteboard presentations take place. Alternatively, they can be used to adjust the ambient light levels in a general office, to make it more comfortable to work in.

Skylight blackout blinds are often used in schools and other educational settings for the same reasons. In medical settings, they allow for the creation of a restful atmosphere. Thermal blackout blinds help retain heat through a window where a disproportionate amount of heat can be lost. They can often be particularly useful in showrooms, perhaps used in conjunction with vertical blackout blinds, helping to create the right levels of ambient light to properly showcase products.

Why skylight blinds are a great choice

Light is key to creating a comfortable environment in which to work or study. Skylights are a great way of allowing more light into your room. When they are teamed with skylight blinds you have complete control over how much light you allow. You can use skylight blinds to allow partial light to enter the room, depending on the time of year and what activity you're doing. Aesthetically, skylights can help soften the hard edges of a commercial environment.


Why Kaydee Blinds are the first choice for skylight blackout blinds

At Kaydee Blinds we have extensive experience of fitting made-to-measure skylight blinds in a wide variety of commercial settings. Since we started trading in 1985, we have provided custom shading for businesses large and small, as well as schools, hospitals, and universities. Our highly skilled installation teams take a project management approach to every commission, ensuring that the service you receive is always of the highest standard. When our own teams can't take care of the installation, we use a team of trusted professionals who have all been trained in the Kaydee approach.


If you're interested in finding out more about skylight blinds, or any of our other products then contact us for professional advice and a no-obligation quote.

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