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Skylight Roller Blinds

Kaydee Blinds is a leading supplier of curtains, blinds, and innovative shading solutions


At Kaydee Blinds, we remain the number one choice for skylight roller blinds.  Equipped with many years of experience, we are on hand to provide a bespoke solution that will enable you to take advantage of the benefits that skylight roller blinds provide to your property.


Whether you require skylight roller blinds in a commercial property or are looking to control the amount of light that passes through hospital windows, we are certain that we can assist you.


To offer greater insight into our range of skylight roller blinds, we have shared more information below.


Benefits Of Skylight Roller Blinds


Skylight roller blinds come hand-in-hand with several benefits. However, the most notable benefit of skylight roller blinds is that they are suited to fit windows, such as flat roof windows, that standard blinds cannot be installed in.


Additionally, skylight roller blinds, such as those in our range, offer complete control over the amount of light that passes through buildings. 


Operated electronically, skylight roller blinds can be adjusted with ease without the need for chains and cranks, ultimately increasing health and safety in many settings.


Our Skylight Roller Blinds


At Kaydee Blinds, we boast various skylight roller blinds. However, we recommend taking advantage of our Shada 900, 900G & 900 LE Full Tension Roller Blinds.


Extremely versatile, these particular blinds boast light exclusion options and can be operated electronically via the touch of a button. 


Ideal for various environments, our skylight roller blinds can fit skylight and roof windows that are between 800mm and 4,000mm in size. 


We Have A Wealth Of Fabrics To Choose From


Though many overlook the fabrics incorporated into skylight roller blinds, here at Kaydee Blinds, we enable our clients to select from various fabrics to ensure that personal preferences and requirements are catered to.


Our skylight roller blind fabrics include, but are not limited to, the following:


- Artisan Dim-out Blind Fabrics

- Diffusor Screen Fabric

- Sombra Eco Blind Fabric

- Artisan Blackout II Fabric


Though each of our fabrics are different, they all offer effective light exclusion systems and can be easily cleaned and maintained.


Skylight Roller Blind Installation


Unlike standard blinds, installing skylight roller blinds requires a professional installation. As a result, here at Kaydee Blinds, we offer a complete 360-degree solution. 


Before installing skylight roller blinds, we conduct an on-site evaluation. Here, window space will be measured to ensure that mechanisms and fabrics are made to fit. 


Upon conducting an on-site evaluation, bespoke skylight roller blind solutions will be created, and a safe installation will be provided.


Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Needs


At Kaydee Blinds, we provide bespoke skylight roller blind solutions to clients from a wealth of industries. Irrespective of the premises you are looking to install skylight roller blinds in, we have a suitable solution for you.


To find out more about our skylight roller blinds and discuss your needs with our team, call us today on 01332 851 400. Alternatively, email and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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Kaydee Blinds have a wide range of screen, dim-out and blackout fabrics, with unique colours and textures view our full range of fabrics.



Kaydee blinds have a solution for every project and budget. Choose from a range of manual, electric, blackout and roof-light / skylight mechanisms.

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