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Vertical Blackout Blinds

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Are you searching for blinds that will effectively reduce the amount of light that penetrates your commercial property? Do you require a suitable solution that will ensure your property obtains maximum privacy? If you have said yes to the above questions, vertical blackout blinds come highly recommended. Here at Kaydee Blinds, we have a number of vertical blackout blinds currently available to choose from. Whether you are hoping to find out more about commercial vertical blackout blinds, their benefits or how we can assist you, we have shared a wealth of information below for you to review.

What Are Commercial Vertical Blackout Blinds?


Commercial vertical blackout blinds are essentially blackout blinds that are moved from side to side instead of being rolled up or down. From corporate businesses that boast large offices to hospitals and nursing homes, vertical blackout blinds feature in various commercial properties across the world. Made from vertical slats instead of single sheets of fabrics, vertical blackout blinds have become increasingly popular in the last few years due to the benefits they afford.

The Benefits Associated With Vertical Blackout Blinds

Whether you require a suitable commercial blind solution for your office, car showroom, school or even social care setting, as touched on above, many benefits come hand in hand with vertical blackout blinds. For example, thanks to their thick, heavy and durable fabrics, vertical blackout blinds control light much more efficiently than other types of blinds, such as skylight, roller and thermal blinds. When drawn, blackout blinds provide complete darkness, which is something that skylight, roller, and thermal blinds cannot supply.

Vertical blackout blinds also increase privacy, which is often vital in many commercial settings. In addition to the above, vertical blackout blinds are known to reduce heat loss. This means that blackout blinds will essentially increase energy savings and minimise the amount of money spent on heating commercial properties.


Invest In Our Vertical Blackout Blinds Today

If you are looking to enhance the privacy of your commercial property or require a solution that will enable you to block light from passing through your building, vertical blackout blinds are a fine choice. As leading suppliers of commercial blinds and curtains, at Kaydee Blinds, we provide customised solutions to clients spanning a wealth of industries. This means that, regardless of whether your property boasts large glass block windows, slider windows or casement windows, our vertical blackout blinds can cater to your needs.

Provided on a made to measure basis, when you invest in our vertical blackout blinds, you can rest assured knowing that you will not encounter any issues with the length of slats or the width of your blinds when drawn.


Contact Us Today

If you are ready to discuss your vertical blackout blind needs with us, call us today on 01332 851400. Our highly experienced team can provide you with a suitable solution for your commercial property and offer you a no-obligation quote. Our team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have about our vertical blackout blinds. Contact us and our team will contact you directly to ensure that your enquiry is answered within a relatively short period.

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